Discussion on civil capital borrowing

in national all area civil privately financing borrowing behavior General exists, according to Fuzhou guarantees loan network small series understand, especially in some place resources rich of area, because by at area of resources advantage, local people fast fortune has has money, however has has large idle funds of they is not know how again using again value-added, so civil financing who to they provides has a can get profiteering of opportunities, through civil borrowing behavior they bear with high risk also while made high returns.

However, over time, have unlimited resources gradually began to change in scenery. For example more area of coal mine industry, countless of local General people because coal mine became has millionaire, and do rich, however they in rich up zhihou is will hands of funds most of are voted into has civil borrowing among, however has in depression period of coal mine industry also can created had of wealth myth did? this which has contains with more big of investment risk does? this errors of funds flows eventually caused of industry bubble crisis will with funds chain walking to all place.

private funds wait a reasonable amount of ease, although related government departments have already begun in some areas do try, but problem solving there is a big gap. High of profit is attract funds into of key, in industry market bullish of when everyone are only see has blind financing brings of interests, and ignored has industry risk by should bear of risk, some criminals also is fancy has this is, will civil funds wantonly thaw set to win more of returns, is far not to wants to if appeared any problem will to social people and financial markets brings how of hurt.

in the large number of small and medium enterprises in business loans when private capital still flows to the imminent collapse of the industry, Social Fund resources encountered configuration does not balance the urgent need for relevant government departments to guide the adjustment. Changes in financial markets will cause part of the adjustment of the industrial structure, maintain physical capital supply and demand balance is the key issue. We look forward to a more effective way to activate the market, making private capital towards the direction.

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