Expand the enterprise development where? a small loan company the way forward

under the Bank the money shortage, many loans business lending slowed, personal car loans, home loans have had a certain impact. Although the issue of loans for SMEs, local governments have made every Bank proposal Guide, but in actual operation at the location they were in loans, with a microfinance company has become a supplementary.

but according to the Fuzhou secured loan small part on understanding situation of a microfinance company, funding problems gradually emerging, small loan companies money in all our orders for the first few months of the year out, usually only the flow of short-term loans, can continue to do business. Micro-credit financing problems have seriously restricted the expansion of their development.

the CBRC for other financial institutions in the community the latest regulatory measures have been taken, micro-credit financing loans are subject to the strict supervision of the company. Some lending pioneer a odd way a microfinance company on the way there, in his own name or on behalf of the subsidiary company to borrow from outside becomes very widespread, although borrowers do not care who is lending money to them, but funds operations significantly exceeded the regulatory monitoring.

at present, due to the financing of a microfinance company limited, small loan companies want to reduce self-expansion capital becomes very difficult in operating costs, achieve the refinancing has become a small loan company new hope. In some regions, there have been a small run by small loan company loan bonds, refinancing this way attracted the attention of many micro-credit companies, but in the follow-up of the implementation process, because of banking risk control reasons, this scenario might be stranded, future development, you also need small loan companies to mining itself.


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