Interpretation of SME lending and credit system

this year's meeting of the Central Government made clear guidance on bank capital, banks are required to fund wants to invest more in the real economy, and to encourage banks to increase loans to SMEs support. Thus, regional banks have also issued a related policy, according to the Fuzhou guarantees small loans make up about, loans for SMEs have bank made some adjustments, support small business loans at the same time, to control credit to SMEs, to eliminate bad loans.

bulls during the monetary easing credit, excessive credit are important factors leading to high rates of banks ' bad loans. For businesses, exceed the actual needs and risk tolerance of excessive credit, can easily contribute to its illegal use of credit funds, investment expansion, and thus exacerbating financial risk.

this handsome first introduced the related guidance in Wenzhou, clearly require enterprises to open a settlement account of banking institutions, the lead manager for the firm, lead manager of the business loan is in principle not less than 50% of total business loans, or not less than 0.75 times times the enterprise value. And also control the number of business loans banks new loans enterprises in obtaining bank loans total number of financial institutions shall not exceed the following: Group companies shall not exceed 6, midsize enterprises may not exceed 4 and above, small and micro businesses should not exceed 3, syndicated loans between financial institutions are exempt from this restriction.

among them, on the Group's business loans, the establishment of "2+4" credit mechanisms, that is, within its industry, agriculture, and construction, and other large bank loans to group companies, shall not exceed 2; for the same group loans to other banks (except for large banks), in principle not more than 4. For medium and enterprise loans, establish "1+3" credit mechanisms that large banks within its jurisdiction shall not at the same time to 1 companies make loans; more than on the same medium and enterprise loans to other banks (except for large banks), in principle not more than 3.

coordinating business loans of rational allocation of capital into enterprise value, eliminate blind expansion of the abuse. The new standards will be more conducive to the orderly development of financial markets in the region.

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