Local microfinance industry, it provides a convenient

microfinance innovation and development is in line with the market needs, as a supplement to bank loan funds the emergence of small loan companies provide channels for the financing needs of SMEs. According to the Fuzhou lending network information, in some regions, loans for micro-credit business enterprises have injected new vitality, innovation in the small loan industry provided the impetus for the local economy.

in yaan region, small loan companies after nearly two years of development, has become the ease the financing difficulty of small and micro enterprises an important force. According to the service "three agriculture" the principles of micro-and small enterprises, the micro-credit company to find market orientation, active in local professional growers, farmers, individual businesses and provide credit support to small and micro businesses. Small credit loans be self-financing insufficient, guarantees less, difficulties in obtaining loans or temporary cash-flow problem at the Bank groups, small loan companies to support their businesses and individuals played a key role in the development.

the micro-credit companies in innovation, product innovation, service innovation, and achieved remarkable success. Loan 1-3 day, the threshold is relatively low, which makes loans for credit approval much faster than other financial institutions. Ya ' an city government finance officials say, to speed up financial reform and innovation is the focus of the city's financial, and create a favorable financial environment focus on the development of industries in finance and technology, finance, micro-finance, rural finance and consumer finance, service economy, promoting all kinds of market players to compete on an equal footing and seeking common development.

However, the source is too simple, the tax burden heavier, not included in the credit system, team building needs to be strengthened, these are the current problems need to be addressed in the development of microfinance sectors. How to solve these issues become the focus of regulators on the development of micro-credit concerns.

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