Net lending regulatory gaps needed regular guidance

with the development of science and technology, the Internet has fully entered into people's daily lives, particularly the financial sector combined with network, make life more convenient for people's consumption is simple and quick. When the loan is also collided with the Internet, so a new type of online lending platform arose. P2P net lending platform does make a lot of idle capital has found it's way, it successfully will receive two sides to find a link in the interface.

However, over time, P2P problems emerged in the development. According to the Fuzhou lending network information, today's P2P mechanism the barriers to entry are low, just a few people with some money and a set of software, a P2P network credit companies build succeeded. The establishment of such a rash way how vulnerable to financial capital is a kind of hosting, where you can have a little bit of sense to speak of, the financial risk is huge so you can really?

low barrier to entry copy quickly became the new industry became rapidly replicated objects, according to industry sources, some of new P2P direct poaching from other companies and investment capital will be able to open for business. This way will eventually bury crime risks, and whether or not these organizations formal, playing the liar is definitely Yes. Due to scattered, cheated money report was made much smaller number of people are too lazy to go to the newspaper.

obvious defects of online lending platform is that we need regular, how to take advantage of this form of lending, is fundamental to we created this model. Currently China on this a of legal regulations also not is perfect, was is in a test stage, if you really of has need to and P2P company for cooperation, so may wish to first consider scale larger, reputation compared good of network loan institutions, second has third party paid platform of in security Shang will more a layer guarantees, although third party platform also not absolute security of but can security a points is a points.

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